My World Dance and Fitness
Ben Chi / Heartbreaker
My World Dance & Fitness Studio (location map)
Sunday, 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM
01/06/19 - 03/24/19 (12 weeks)

Waacking began in the 70s during the height of the disco era in the Black and Latino gay clubs of LA. Influenced by Hollywood and TV, the dance includes fast striking arm movements, poses, and strong emotional expression. Musicality and performance are heavily prioritized in Waacking encouraging original, spontaneous movement to be developed within the style. Waacking is currently undergoing a new wave of popularity across the world with new variations and forms being created. Curriculum includes: waacking arm basics + variations, footwork, grooving/soul step, posing, and punking (emotional expression and story telling).

My World Dance and Fitness Studio
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