My World Dance and Fitness
Gi Villanueva
My World Dance & Fitness Studio (location map)
Sunday, 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM
01/06/19 - 03/24/19 (12 weeks)

Popping was originally a social dance from California during the disco/funk era of the early 1970's. It consists of the quick contraction of your muscles to the beat of the music and a just as fast (if not faster) relaxation. This is primarily done to the 1 and 2 counts of the beat. There are many styles of popping some of which are more popular than others due to pop culture. Under the umbrella of popping consists the styles of: waving, boogaloo, robot, tutting, scarecrow, and countless more. Although there are many styles they all have the common denominator of utilizing the "hit" or "pop" technique. This class will focus on the technique of hitting and many styles of popping while being able to incorporate them into your own dancing.

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