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"Evalyn did a pre ballet class for fall season and she absolutely loves it, looks forward to it every week, feels comfortable when I leave her and says only great things about her teacher!! Thank You!!"

"I am happy to be the first to review. So far so good. My son has been really interested in dance so I looked at places near our home. I found a Hip Hop class at My World online and my husband went in to check it out. We ended up signing him up that day. The price was great and even better, Suzanne and her staff are wonderful. I'm always a little nervous to put my son in new things because he has so much energy but the first day the teacher said " We don't sit in my class" I thought " Perfect!". When I picked up my son, he told me he wished he could go everyday. In addition, they offer many different classes for both children and adults. I hope to try Zumba when I have a little more free time". Nico D.

"My World Dance & Fitness Studio IS the best! Centrally located in the greater Seattle area with free parking available, My World offers a variety of dance lessons and holds recitals. I have attended their dance lessons and salsa dances." Sheri 

"I started my daughter at this studio 2 sessions ago. Being someone who was used to the cut throat dance studios...this was a great place to get my daughter (3 YO) started. I LOVE this place, it is very community oriented, very reasonable in price. You are not going to get scolded if you are late, miss class...and this is also another reason I LOVE this place. This is not a Pacific Northwest Ballet kind of studio. It is a place where your kids will have fun and the staff is very kind, encouraging, flexible and caring!" Lynn B.

"Woohoo! It's about time you got noticed --- been dancing with you since 2011! You've got my vote!!"  Aimee 

"Great space--it has good sunlight and is not too big. Suzanne Simmons is super fun and very sweet! Darcy H.

"Suzanne is passionate about dancing and about sharing that passion with others. She personally teaches Hip Hop and Funk Aerobics. She loves to dance and feels that everyone has rhythm, even if that rhythm is to the beat of a different drummer. All of her instructors are as passionate and professional and are a great compliment to the My World family! Michelle P.

My World Dance and Fitness Studio
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